In Bunny Hunt, you as the hunter, have been chosen to eliminate all the bunnies. Use your mouse cursor to shoot them as they appear on the screen. For every normal bunny you kill, you get one score. There are special black bunnies who explode on shooting, and you loose one life. You are provided with only three lives in a game so be careful.

The game is divided into levels and the speed with with the bunnies disappear increases with the levels. As the levels progress, special bunnies appear at the side of the screen with bombs. Make sure that you shoot those bunnies before they drop the bomb or you will loose one life.

After the game ends, you can either 'reload your shotgun' or 'make the killing stop'. Note that by selecting 'reload your shotgun', you can replay in order to improve your score. Selecting 'make the killing stop' option ends the game.
Happy Shooting!