What is the Arena?
At the arena, you can battle against other players in order to get points. Every player has three basic stats, namely Attack, Defence and Dexterity. You can upgrade your character at the Shop in order to increase your stats. The player with higher stats has more chances to defeat a player with lower stats.

Every fight in the arena costs you one energy. You can refill your energy every 5 minutes in the arena after solving a simple captcha to prove that you are a human and not a bot.

What role do my stats play?
Your stats play the key role in determining the points won and your win percentage in a battle. Your attack and defence stats decide your points won and win%. Your dexterity decides the chances of your striking a critical hit, i.e., doubling your attack power during an attack. The higher your dexterity in comparison with your enemy, the higher the chances to deliver a critical hit.

What are items?
Items such as swords, shields, etc. provide you additional attack/defence/dexterity power in addition to your basic stats. Before you can equip an item, you must purchase it in the Shop. Every item that you purchase is added to your armoury and you can choose to equip any item in your armoury. It is recommended to buy items as they provide higer stats for relatively lower coins.

What are points?
For every fight you win, you get points. The Leaderboard lists the top players with most points and also your position among all the players. Every week on Sunday morning (EST) the points of all the players are reset and all players get their share of the weekly prize pool which can be seen in the leaderboard.

Calculation of points won
The number of points you can win for successfully defeating other players depends on your win percentage and is between 1-5 points per fight won. If your win percentage is above 90%, you get 5 points every time you defeat another player. If your win percentage is between 80% and 90%, you get 4 points. If it is between 70% and 80%, you get 3 points. If it is between 60% and 70%, you get 2 points. And in all remaining cases you get 1 point per win.

Important Note
Sum of your game plays and quests won must be greater than the number of battles won in the arena divided by 2. This is to stop bots from the Arena and also help protect new users. This also ensures that you keep a good balance of the Arena with the number of games played and quests won. If this is not so, you'll not be able to attack other players in the Arena.

Quests Explained!
Are you adventurous? Do you want to embark on thrilling quests, fighting monsters and also learn about bitcoins? Then Quests are just the place for you!
Make sure you upgrade you maximum HP in the shop and have good attack/defence stats. Go to quests and select any of the famous locations available. Select a suitable difficulty, we suggest that you start with Easy, you'll get more coins if you choose higher difficulty but the monsters will grow in stats and numbers in higher difficulty levels.

That's it! Fight through the horde of monsters, you can see your remaining HP and progress in the quest at the top. Make sure you do not run out of HP or you'll loose the quest. HP can be refilled on the Quests page by selecting the Refill HP button, you will be redirected to a third party website, just Skip the website and you will return back to Bitplay and your HP will be refilled. Also, every quest costs you 1 Energy and you'll have to wait 1 minute between two successive quests.
One last piece of advice, don't try to refill your HP while...
Well, leave it, you'll get the warning when you try to do that. :)