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I've been wondering about this as the FAQ isn't very clear.

When I defeat others in the arena, do I steal Coins from their "bank"?

And if so, that would mean, the more Coins I have on hand, the more I stand to lose.
Since I'm now saving up Coins to exchange for BTC, it means I have to spend a few hours building up the total so I can cash out, just in case I get cleaned out by others attacking me in the Arena while I sleep.

There is no log to show when I was attacked and by whom. And my losses indicated are only the losses I had when attacking others.
Does this mean nobody has attacked me yet? (I try to keep my own accurate log in notepad :P )
A log is definitely something that should be implemented in the future, I think.

Anyway, back to my main question and my suggestion.

If we don't "steal" from each other, that means you pay out of your own pocket. Not very fair to you.
And if we do "steal" from each other, there would be greater incentive to be active in the Arena, which really, should be the main means of earning coins, with the games just there to give a small boost to earnings. This will lead to more activity.

How about creating a "bank" where we can deposit our coins for safe-keeping until we have enough to cash out (or save up to make larger cashouts instead of a bunch of micro-transaction every day or two).
Of course, the more Coins we put away, the more you have to pay out. So, to keep your own costs down (seeing as the banked coins can not be lost), you could charge like a 10% or whatever fee per deposit. No interest earned or anything like that. Just a safe deposit.

Obviously, this is not a problem for now as there are not enough users. But something to consider.



22 Jan 2017 8:11 PM



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Yes, you steal other's coins if you attack them in the Arena.
However if you choose the merchant class in the shop, the extra 25% coins are generated off the game.:happy:

All other coins, in the forum, games, quests, etc. are generated.

We are not implementing who attacked whom log to prevent deliberate fights and prevent a sense of mutual enmity.

Okay, I'll add the bank suggestion into consideration and if its okay, it'll be added to the to-do list.;)

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23 Jan 2017 6:55 AM



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Wow, I really feel bad for picking on some of the others now. I really spawned them, lol.
I was thinking about the merchant class, but wasn't sure how it would work. Went defensive instead :)

Ahh, that makes sense. I can agree with that reasoning.

No worries. Thanks Admin.

24 Jan 2017 4:58 PM