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Hope you enjoy the site.

To answer your general question, please see the FAQ

There's really not much to it.
Click the Menu (top left) to access different areas.
Tokens are use to play games and energy for Arena fight and Quests.
Tokens and Energy are refilled by completing captcha's and refilling HP (for quests) can be done via a re-direct ad, where you have to wait 5 seconds before coming back.

Other than that, it's pretty self explanatory. You have a selection of Games that have clear instructions on their pages. The Arena, where you battle others will show you the odds of winning. So you just have to experiment with your character build. The Shop is where you upgrade and equip equipment and improve your character stats.

If you have any specific questions/problems, please post here in your thread, or Questions and Help section on the Main forum page.

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