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Thanks Admin. You built it from scratch? Wow. Shows you how lazy I am, right, lol. How much more is possible.

Works great.
My only suggestion here would be to clean up the page a bit. The ads are too big (and too close to Hangman), Hangman text too small. It's not that I can't read the text. It just feels like those banners ads take up too much space. The Hanging Man himself, definitely needs to be bigger. ASCII Art is beautiful, lol.

Then again, it might just be my resolution (1280 x 800 on 15inch Thinkpad)
Everything is bunched up in the middle of the screen. Feels cramped.

11 Feb 2017 2:00 PM
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Yes, I built it from scratch (had to) :happy:, okay fine, I'll increase font size, etc.
(actually I didn't try hangman from pc yet, built it on Android tablet (600*1024):D).
Increased spacing/font size etc. Hope that helps.:)
I'll work on to improve the ASCII art a bit later today, right now busy setting up a better host for Bitplay, current host seems to be having some issues.

11 Feb 2017 3:01 PM