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Hi All,

Hope somebody can help me with this.

I've been using FireFox for years. Tried all kinds of other browsers and always found FF to be better.
Past few months, though, it's really been a pain. Constant updates. Memory Leaks. Flashplayer not turning off. Javascript running amok.

What browser do you use to get online?
Or, if you have FF, do you have similar problems? Constant slowdowns, pages freezing, multiple FF processes, multiple Flash processes, etc.
How do you fix it?

Please, don't suggest I use Internet Explorer. You'll get a friendly slap for being funny ;)

I tried Chrome. Didn't like it. Especially since it's a Google product. I like my privacy. And I like to know exactly what my computer is doing at any moment. And I don't trust Google. (If you can suggest privacy features and addons for Chrome, or a browser based on Chrome, I'd appreciate it).

Thanks in advance for all the help,


PS - I'm running a Lenovo Thinkpad X201 Quad-Core i5 @ 2.53GHz, so really, she should be able to handle 3 browser windows with about 5 tabs open in each. My only pitfall on this machine is the 4GB of Ram, with 1GB dedicated to the onboard graphics (bloody integrated cards *sigh*). So I only have 3GB and can't upgrade to 64-bit (which I would love to do, but have no money, since I'm unemployed). Thinking about it now, this computer is 5 years old and I bought it second-hand, ROFL!!!

11 Feb 2017 2:20 PM



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hi, im using opera browser for months. very fast and quick and it has self vpn. you can open the vpn from settings in opera. usefull i think.

18 Feb 2017 8:10 PM



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Well I'd recommend Chrome, Chrome and FF are the most standard browsers which support everything. Other browsers like opera, safari, ie, etc. miss support for MANY features.
Still, if you're worried of privacy so much, you can have a go at TOR browser.:sm9:(joking :D)

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18 Feb 2017 10:57 PM