Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitplay?
Bitplay is a bitcoin related discussion and gaming platform. Just select a game, read the rules and start playing. You can also fight against other players in our arena or go for adventurous quests. We also have offerwalls where you can complete simple and quick offers/surveys. Withdrawals are instant and automated via FaucetHub.

How to withdraw?
If your balance is greater than the minimum withdrawal limit and you are logged in, please enter the amount you wish to withdraw and then press the Withdraw button on the Withdraw page in the members area. The amount of coins you entered will be deducted from your coins balance and transferred to your FaucetHub account and your current coins will be updated accordingly.

What are coins?
Coins are the unit of balance used on Bitplay. They can be converted into Satoshis when you withdraw according to the current conversion rate which can be found at the Withdraw page.

How can I register on Bitplay?
Use the registration form to enter your details like username, email, password, bitcoin address, etc. A verification email will be sent to the email address you used to sign up. Click on the verification link sent to your email address to verify your email address and completely activate your account. You can login once your account has been successfully activated.

Do you have a referral system?
Yes, we give you 10% of your referral's coins each time your referral performs a withdrawl on Bitplay. The person you referred must sign up through the registration form before he/she becomes your referral. You can find your referral link in the Refer Users section in your Profile in the members area.

What is FaucetHub?
FaucetHub is a bitcoin payments microprocessor that helps websites to process bitcoin related micro transactions without a fee.

Can I have multiple accounts at Bitplay?
NO, we allow only one account per person per IP address, trying to create multiple accounts is against our policies and will result in immediate suspension of all the accounts.

Why do I get "Sorry, an error occurred!" instead of getting coins?
Make sure that you are not disabling javascript, images, or any other plugin. Since our website uses anti-cheat scripts for stopping robots so, sometimes your script blockers also trigger our alarms resulting in your not getting any coins. Try disabling any script blockers to see if it works. If you are still having problems, you can post in our Forum for help.

What is a bitcoin?
You know what a dollar is?
Yes, it is a currency. Simple as that! Similarly, bitcoin is also a currency. But there is a big difference between a bitcoin and a dollar. Unlike dollars or any other paper/coin currency, bitcoin is a virtual concept. No centralised government/body controls bitcoins. You cannot point to a real life object and say that it represents a bitcoin. Its virtual, like a software application/program.

How can I own bitcoins?
For owning bitcoins, you need two sets of virtual keys, a public key and a private key, which is just a big line of alphabets and numbers. A bitcoin wallet can be related to a bank account in the way that everyone can see that there is a bank account, although the amount of currency stored in a bank account is not visible, bitcoins are totally transparent. Everyone can see that there is a bitcoin address (similar to a bank account) but they can also see the amount of bitcoins currently stored in that bitcoin address and all the bitcoin transactions related to that address. Don't worry, nobody knows as to whom that bitcoin address belong to.

How do I spend bitcoins?
Now, you have a public key and a private key, okay?
The public key and the bitcoins stored in it are publicly visible but no one can access those bitcoins without a private key. And only you know the private key! So the public key is like a public locker number and everyone can see that the locker contains something but they don't know anything about its owner. Only you have the key to that locker (your private key) so only you can access it and spend the bitcoins stored in that locker (bitcoin address).

Who keeps track of all the bitcoins?
There is public ledger, the Blockchain, which stores a constantly updated copy of the total number of bitcoins in existence, all the transactions that have happened so far since the beginning of bitcoins and everything else related to it. All the data is publicly available for anyone to see.

How are new bitcoins created?
Since bitcoins are not controlled by any government, the users of bitcoins are responsible for creating new bitcoins. Anyone can digitally create a bitcoin by a process known as bitcoin mining. In bitcoin mining, you install a software on your computer which synchronizes with the Blockchain to get the complete set of bitcoin transactions. Once synchronized, your software uses your computer's CPU/GPU power to do mathematical calculations, i.e. generate a hash of the transactions happening in real time and store them in the Blockchain.